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Inspiration burns bright and fast. It comes in flashes that light a way ahead and casts doubt on conventional ways of thinking. An exhilarating spark that shows a glimpse of what could be.

Why then, do some bursts of inspiration morph and expand into powerful ideas? Whilst others, for all their good intentions, never grow beyond a flicker.
Look at it like this – light is most visible when it’s surrounded by dark. Likewise, a silhouette only cuts through when shrouded in light. When both are not only present but in full effect, things get spectacular.
In the same way, inspiration needs pragmatism and pragmatism needs inspiration. And that is what we do – we’re the artists who create the light or shade wherever our partners need it.
In all the humbling changes we have seen over the last 25 years we’re at our best when we are grounding ambitious ideas with our experienced knowledge and skills, tenacity and technology.

CGI Animation, 2D/3D motion graphics, film production, interactive installations, visual effects, infographics, projection mapping, AR or VR. They are all at their most powerful with two inseparable ingredients: Lights & Shadows.

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