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Safer with Google : Be Internet Awesome

Direction | Design | Shoot | 3D Animation

Google committed to training 50,000 parents and kids on cyberbullying, misinformation and privacy through the Be Internet Awesome program and Google Online Safety Park. To continue the impact, Google is expanding their commitment to train another 50,000 parents and children in the continued partnerships with IMDA and the Media Literacy Council— bringing the total to100,000.

To bolster this campaign, Toaster collaborated with Lights & Shadows to develop a captivating promotional spot. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical universe of "Internauts" created by the esteemed Aardman Animations, we embarked on designing and crafting a localized rendition of Interland. Through this endeavor, we endeavored to create an engaging narrative that would resonate with our audience.


Our approach involved directing and filming a live-action narration featuring the protagonist as he embarks on a journey into the online world. Through his experiences, viewers are guided through the intricacies of confidently and safely navigating the digital landscape. By emphasizing the importance of exploring, growing, and playing online with caution and awareness, we aimed to empower both parents and children to make informed decisions and foster a safer online environment for all.

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