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Steigen - Automated Laundry System

Concept | Direction | Design | 3D Animation | VFX

Steigen, a German brand specializing in automated laundry systems, sought to highlight its cutting-edge technology and superior drying capabilities through a compelling brand film and captivating 3D animated graphics. Recognizing the expertise of Lights & Shadows in creating visually stunning content, they engaged our team to bring their vision to life.

Lights & Shadows collaborated closely with Steigen to conceptualize and produce a full CGI 3D animated brand film. Our goal was to showcase Steigen's outstanding drying capability, powered by German technology, in a visually striking and engaging manner. From script development to animation and post-production, our team ensured every aspect of the brand film aligned with Steigen's message and identity.


In addition to the brand film, Lights & Shadows also produced various 3D animated graphics tailored for Steigen's website and marketing materials. These graphics served to further enhance the brand's online presence and effectively communicate its unique selling points to potential customers.

The result of our collaboration with Steigen was a suite of visually captivating assets that effectively conveyed the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. The brand film showcased Steigen's advanced drying technology in action, while the 3D animated graphics provided an immersive experience for viewers across digital platforms.

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